Do you have a checklist to decide your next residential investment? What’s in the list? There are some major criteria for almost every investor. If you don’t have a list you can see what major topics are onsidered or if you already have your list, just crosscheck with ours below!

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You can compete with anyone in any context. But you cannot compete at the same exact location. Positioning at the heart of the city, Diamond of Skopje has an unrivalled location. There is no other option to make this happen. If you want to invest in a project that is next to all major buildings like universities, hospitals, headquarters, government institutions, then Diamond of Skopje is a legend. Shining right next to every attraction, this project also has its own center... An open taste street, a shopping mall and 4 blocks of residential buildings in addition to office and home-office spaces. Let’s don’t forget to mention a five star hotel! City in a city, yet at the heart of everything.

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Scale defines the options that a project can offer. Diamond of Skopje is a huge scale project with an investment value of more than 350.000.000 Euros. We believe in this country and its beautiful capital Skopje. That’s why we are building one of the largest projects here, at the heart of the city. This huge complex covers a shopping mall, 4 blocks of residential buildings, a five star hotel, an open taste street, office blocks and home-offices. Once you invest, you become a part of a unique choice that comes once in a lifetime.

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Who do you invest in? The preference is a company that is able to accomplish some of worlds greatest construction missions, holding several records. That is Limak. As one of the largest construction companies in the world, Limak is also active in energy, investment, tourism, food & beverage and aerospace sectors. You can rather call it expertise, reliability or safety... They are all just right!

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Either you are planning to live, sell or rent, Diamond of Skopje is a perfect choice. The project is designed by world renowed architects with a unique style. Majority of the apartments has a unique view covering most beautiful perspectives of Skopje. While Some apartments have their own terrace, some have a garden access. What is common is attention to details... Every single of them.

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Beginning from the name, positioning a brand needs extreme attention. We know that Diamond of Skopje is one of its kind. We wanted this rare project to hold a name that can define it. That’s why the most valuable Diamond of Skopje is called with this metaphor. We know that this high-segment project will define the way of life from scratch. That’s why this is a unique investment opportunity. You are not investing in square meters... It is the re-definition of lifestyle in Skopje.

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